Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Grand-Am strikes back

We follow both of North America's premier sports car series. Namely the ALMS and Grand-Am. Being pretty well acquainted with both of them, try as we might to be impartial we have always seen the ALMS' racing hardware as superior to Grand-Am's machinery.

The American Le Mans cars are better looking, better sounding, at the top end they're faster, etc.

However a few days ago we heard about a new Grand-Am prototype. And when we finally saw pictures of it. The experience was literally jaw-dropping to say the least. It's like the guy in high school no one really pays much attention to, until he introduces the hot looking new volleyball player as his cousin that moved in with him and his parents for the school year. Now everybody wants to know when they can stop over.

This new Corvette DP is just sultry looking in every detail. We couldn't help picturing something similarly looking closing in on the back of an Audi or Peugeot on the Mulsanne straight.

We're not sure what other manufacturer is lining up to unleash a challenger of their own. But this car really is a investment by GM into Grand Am. With the ALMS corvette squad pressured to deliver an ALMS championship, you never know, this could be a foreshadowing of Corvette's eventual departure from the ALMS. We don't want to speak too soon, but bad news is easier to take when you have a hint of what's coming.