Saturday, April 14, 2012

2012 F1 Shanghai Grand Prix qualifying.

Pole man
Nico Rosberg got his first pole at the Shanghai Grand Prix. It has been a long time coming. Everyone was sure he would get one one day in his career, just figuring out when, was the problem. As it is every pundit is also very certain that he will 1 day get a win in F1. The problem is figuring out when.

With the pole position, Nico has increased his chances of getting a win. What should help even more is that he will have his teammate starting behind him. Mercedes has a number of options on how the can run the race. The team should advice Schumacher to only pass if he has a safe and clear line, or tell him to stay put.

If asked for a definitive prediction on tomorrow's race, we still believe there are drivers behind Rosberg who are able to crash his party, including his experienced and cunning teammate, Michael.

Q2 and lower
The cars qualyfing in 13th place and lower are all in pair order. Team cars of Williams, Force India, STR, Caterham, Marusia, and HRT, have all qualified in lockstep with the respective team leaders in front. Quite strange.

#1 in #11
Sebastian Vettel the driver of the #1 car, which is synonymous of the reigning champion, could only manage an 11th place qualifying. Considering is record setting run of pole position last year at 15, we almost did not expect him to qualify out of the top 10 this year. He did not score any point in the last race. Currently MArk Webber is ranked 4th in the championship standings, and Vettel 6th. Webber qualifed 7th for Shanghai. If the past couple years are any indication, what we have learned is that whatever Mark Webber is capable of, Vettel can very well outdo it. So with Webber qualifying 7th, if we apply our self developed "Vettel equation" to Webber's constant, Sebastian should have qualified in 3rd place.

So what's keeping "The Vet" from his 2012 potential? Perhaps he is still internally celebrating his great season. Indeed it was. Or he was so burdened by promotional work in the off season that he wasn't able to get a properly prepare on this campaign. Or yet again, the intense focus required to achieve such a phenomenal season as last year's, so drained him that the off season was not enough to recharge himself.

It also be that Red Bull owner Dietrich Mateschitz, is satisfied with his 2 F1 crowns and has cut back the money he has been shoving into the team's bottomless pockets. Maybe they have now become a team with no more funding than any of the other top teams.

But we're still only 2 races into the season. There's still much to play for, Dietrich can always use a 3rd F1 championship.