Friday, April 13, 2012

Toyota too good for endurance racing?

Sorry if you are confused by the our choice of title. One of the biggest news in the FIA WEC is Toyota withdrawing from Spa. The official reason for their withdrawal is that Nicolas Lapierre crashed during testing and severely damaged their lone chassis. Never mind that the Spa race was still a month away at the time of the crash. And even now, there's still 3 weeks left till the race. Never mind that they have a racing facility most teams can only dream of.

We only see the alibi of the crash as public relations posturing. Toyota can easily churn out 5 chassis, and have them shaken, tested, and ready to go for the Spa race. We think they're so far underwhelmed by the whole endurance racing arena. They would rather be rubbing shoulders with McLaren, Ferrari, Mercedes, and perhaps BMW as well, in a very competitive contest of elitism.

Then again, when you are as big and powerful as Toyota you can stir up things, and get the attention you deserve. Every ounce of news contributes to your popularity, even if it seems disappointing. We can only imagine that this train of events was the plan all along, to generate headlines, gain fan curiosity and support, and then finally make a very awaited and yearned for debut at La Sarthe.