Sunday, March 10, 2013

Grand-Am at Circuit of the Americas

Grand-Am has had its second race of the season before any other major series can even get its first round in. Despite that the Circuit of the Americas track has pretty wide track width there just seemed to be more crashes than we would have liked. We have watched Grand-Am races in the past, but never with this meticulous attention the show. We used to keep up with Grand-Am just to stay current on what's going on there and compare notes against the ALMS.

On the Grand-Am/ALMS battle we were firm ALMS militants. So since the ALMS competitors will be joining the fray next year, this style of bump and run racing a la NASCAR isn't going to appeal too much to the ALMS fans. Yes racing does have accidents, but it seemed contact was being made as the norm of racing and not as incidental contacts. Going around tight corners and switchbacks, no one wanted to give racing room the the other car. What ever happened to giving racing room?

Grand-Am should spend this 2013 season cleaning up the unnecessary crashes. Crashing is supposed to happen unintentionally not as a mean to pass or keep a competitor from passing you. It doesn't add to the show either. A clean hard fight is preferable in any given race.

Change the guard

At Wayne Taylor Racing we understand that Max Angeleli has been the lead driver for year and is a tough competitor, but the team hasn't won anything in years. We think it's time to make Jordan Taylor the team's closer at the end of races. This is not about an exercise in nepotism, but the whole team just needs a fresh perspective on things. And with the series changing next year, every stone needs to be turned to see where an advantage can be gained.

Or they can just alternate the driving duties from race to race and see how it works. Jordan Taylor has all the speed and qualities needed to pilot any prototype machinery on this planet. His raw speed will make up for his experience.

At Chip Ganassi we always thought they have had it backwards. But over the years they have proven us wrong. Memo Rojas is the one bringing the Telmex sponsorship. We had heard one time from David Hobbs while answering a question on driving orders for drivers, that he who pays decides the order of the lineup. So now we think it's time for Memo Rojas to assume the role of race finisher in this team.

It can no longer be an excuse that he hasn't got what it takes. His record speaks for itself, and he has worked with Scott Pruett long enough to learn the trade. TELMEX as the primary sponsor has all the cards here, and as a marketing tool for them in Mexico Memo Rojas as the race finisher would give the brand more appeal.