Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Champion's acclaim

During the podium celebration of the Formula 1 Singapore Grand Prix, the reigning F1 champion was inexplicably booed by fans, after dominating the race. We did not watch F1 during the Michael Schumacher era to know how it felt, but we can now imagine. It has now been 3 straight races that Vettel has won. We enjoyed his dominance during 2011 and 2012, but this time around it is sort of becoming redundant. There's not thrill, no excitement, no unknown factor. Do we still have to follow the season?

The same person being the star of the show is almost no show at all. Not that we condone booing, but the show has become stale.

Having looked at the remaining F1 schedule, Sebastian Vettel has won before at the upcoming 4 races (Korea, Japan, India, and Abu Dhabi). He has had podium finishes at Brazil and the USA. Theoretically speaking, it's not such a long shot to imagine him sweeping the rest of the schedule or landing on the podium in all of them. He can win the championship by simply finishing on the podium. Even if Fernando Alonso were to win all the remaining races - which is a very, very long shot compared to Vettel - he will only come a valiant 2nd to Mr hat-trick.

With Lewis Hamilton incessantly already conceding the championship trophy to Vettel we wonder if he has the desire to even win another race this year. The only reason we can think of why Hamilton keeps saying the title fight is over, is probably that he has met all his team's objectives for the season and has decided to cruise and prepare for next season.

But we are counting on Alonso, Raikkonen, and even Mark Webber to get one win before leaving F1. It would also be good for Felipe Massa to get a win as well, because it will do wonders for his quest for a new ride.

But in retrospect we could say the boos were not really directed at Vettel, but rather at the rest of the top teams for failing to develop at the same pace as Red Bull Racing, and also to Formula 1 itself as an organization for failing to provide a competitive environment.