Monday, September 2, 2013

Championship tactics?

During the ALMS' race at Road America, towards the end of the race, the #55 BMW Z4 was running in 7th place ahead of the #56. Dirk Muller who was driving the #56 car is in serious contention for the GT drivers title with the crew of the #4 Corvette.

We expected the BMW brain trust to give the order to #55 car to cede way to the #56 car so it could muster all the points it could but alas, they finished in those same positions. There was only a 1 point difference in the point haul of the 2 cars the 55 had 4 and the 56 had 3. But doesn't every little bit count.

Given that the manufacturer's and team titles are a longer shot (since Corvette racing leads both of those by over 20 points), BMW should be focusing on the drivers title in our opinion.
A similar incident reproduced itself again at Baltimore. Dirk Muller was leading the GT class, but then a slowdown at the chicane on the front straight caused a chain reaction and he lost his momentum and the 2 Corvettes drove around him. The #4 which is currently placed 1rst in  the GT championship was leading, and the #3 which is currently 4th in the drivers' standing was running second.But just before reaching turn 1 the #3 Corvette passed the #4 car.

In the end the 2 corvettes finished in that order. The win brought the #3 car into championship contention. However had the #3 car been ordered not to challenge its sister car, the crew of the #4 car would have increased their championship lead over Dirk Muller by leaps. They should have gotten maximum points.

Sure Dan Binks is the Crew Chief on the #3 car and is quite popular within the team and has given marvelous tours of the team's garage during race broadcasts, but for a factory team Corvette Racing (as well as the BMW RLL team) should be making more tactical and decisive decisions on track.