Saturday, October 19, 2013

2013 ALMS Petit LeMans LMPC preview

If you took a good look at all the classes, you would notice that the teams in the Prototype Challenge class are generally less well known than some of the GTC teams. A few of the GTC teams are actually former heavyweights, and are very well known and regarded around the world. With their relatively "bland" reputations, it is quite fitting that the LMPC teams run in the newest class in American LeMans Series.

BAR1 Motorsports #7; Tomy Drissi, Rusty Mitchell, James French. This car's livery makes it a star even more than its drivers. If a casual fan does not know about the drivers, at the end of the race they will definitely remember the car's livery. Tomy Drissi has delighted us all with his ever changing movie advertisements on the car throughout the season.

Performance Tech Motorsports #18; Tristan Nunez, Charlie Shears. It seems we know much less about this team than any other team on the grid. But we can say that Tristan Nunez is the big gun here. Yet he can't match the artillery some of the other teams are packing.

RSR Racing #9; Bruno Junqueira, Duncan Ende, Gustavo Menezes. Just seeing Bruno Junqueira's name, we should really rate them higher, but they were out for a race, they sold the car, and are actually leasing it from their buyer. So it might not be a full fledged effort in our opinion.

BAR1 Motorsports #8; Kyle Marcelli, Chris Cumming, Stefan Johansson. Kyle Marcelli used to be the darling of this class a couple years ago. Johnny O'Connell was asked sometime last year why Marcelli was no longer as dominant as he once was, and he answered sarcastically. But he basically said the competition has become tougher. Marcelli is still among the highest rated drivers here, and Stefan Johansson being added for this race makes the team a bit stronger.

8Star Motorsports #25, Sean Rayhall, Oswaldo Negri. If we were in the ELMS or the WEC, they wouldn't quite meet the requirements to be in this class. In Europe all classes except LMP1 and GTE Pro require an amateur driver. The two drivers here can be considered professionals. So why aren't they rated higher, since they are rather well financed? We don't think they will run trouble free or a flawless race. The car is new to the team and to the drivers.

PR1 Mathiasen Motorsports #52; Mike Guasch, David Cheng, Dane Cameron. They don't really have to win it, They will most likely run a measured race as a proper championship hopeful should. But with Dane Cameron in tow, they can turn up the wick if needed.

CORE Autosport #05; Jonathan Bennett, Tom Kimber-Smith, Mark Wilkins. Their GTE entry is not the most competitive in its class, but Porsche picked this team to run their USCC factory entry for a reason. They are consummate professionals. Jon Bennett, the boss, has a chance at the championship. The whole team will be motivated to get him the hardware, and to also prove that they deserved to be Porsche North America's selection as factory GTLM team in the USCC next year.