Sunday, October 13, 2013

Team feud at Extreme Speed Motorsports

During the Grand Prix of Baltimore it was revealed that Guy Cosmo was no longer with Scott Sharp's Extreme Speed Motorsports squad. Meanwhile Level5 Motorsports' team manager said on TV that he found out through Twitter that Guy Cosmo was available and  he was then able to strike a deal for him to be racing for them till the end of the season.

Nothing has been said publicly regarding Guy Cosmo's defection from ESM.

It's not a secret at all that Cosmo has been the pace setter in the team. In fact we mentioned a while back that a Cosmo/Van Overbeek tag-team would be a potent duo for the team, and a lineup capable of challenging factory GTE teams.

In 2012 at Petit LeMans, Guy Cosmo clinched the pole position in GTE for ESM. Their sister #01 car was second in qualifying at the hands of Toni Vilander. When you can beat an Ferrari factory driver in a machine he knows in and out, you are an elite driver. The 01 car's lineup of Van Overbeek, Sharp and Vilander won the 2012 edition of Petit LeMans. That win has been the team's biggest achievement so far. But the team's best driver did not share in the success.

Since Guy Cosmo was not part of the winning trio at Petit LeMans last year, that left him out as the only professional driver in the team not to have achieved any significant success with the Patron backed squad. Ed Brown mainly races for sport and recreation.

This year the team is campaigning Honda LMP2 prototypes. Scott Sharp was the 2009 LMP1 driver's champion. In FIA speak, he would be rated a platinum driver. Before this year, Johannes Van Overbeek had never raced prototypes before. But as the season has moved along, his prototype driving skills has made him the second best driver in the team behind only Guy Cosmo.

So what caused the rift between Scott Sharp and Guy Cosmo?

Here's what we think happened...this is only speculation from our part; with a drivers' title on the line, and wide open for the taking, it's possible that Guy Cosmo who was co-driving the #01 car with Scott Sharp (his boss), made a request asking his boss to allow him to partner with Johannes Van Overbeek to make a full on assault on the driver's crown.

Considering that Scott Sharp is an SCCA, Trans-Am, Indycar, and ALMS Champion, not to mention the team owner, it would seem a bit out of place to say he is an obstacle to the team achieving a driver's championship. But the undiluted fact is that, between the 4 regular drivers, Scott Sharp in the 3rd best driver in the team, only ahead of Ed Brown.

This season could have been an opportunity for Guy Cosmo to salvage some success, from all the time he has spent paying his dues with the ESM team. Next year it will be a bit harder to achieve, because there will be more contenders vying for the crown.

We're not sure whether such a discourse actually occurred at Extreme Speed Motorsports. But this is the best reason we can of think of, as to why Guy Cosmo left.

When the mood was a lot lighter