Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Son of Magnus

What do we think of Kevin Magnussen leaving McLaren? Well in truth we would rather him driving alongside Alonso than Jenson Button, for the simple fact that Button hasn't managed more than a single fluke podium since Hamilton left after the 2012 season.

However when Magnussen's seat was taken by Alonso, the young lad lost his ways. We read plenty of his body language in interviews. He just wasn't having it. How could they do this to him? He was the great F1 hope in his mind.

For even someone who has had a relatively breezy ride through to the top of the racing world by benefitting from his father's connections, his attitude was simply poor after being made a reserve driver. Sure it's not his concern nor his fault that so many other talented drivers never got his oppotunities. But consideribg that he did not manage to beat Button, an aging star, he hardly has any leverage to claim he is part of the special few.

McLaren simply got fed up with his attitude and decided to cut their overhead. Other teams will take notice. He will need a major attitude shift to make it back to a top team.