Sunday, October 30, 2016

Mexico F1 2016

Nico Rosberg is leading the F1 title fight by 26 points over his teammate Lewis Hamilton. It is widely talked about that if Hamilton finishes 10th or below and Rosberg wins, then Nico would be the champion.

However no one is mentioning the flip side of the situation. Maybe because Nico Rosberg's car, and his own driving, have been highly reliable.

Yet it's worth mentioning we believe.

If Nico were to finish 10th or below, and Hamilton were to win, the championship would be reset with 2 races to go. Nico would still be leading by 1 point or 2 depending on if he finished 10th or did not score. However it would no longer be a celebratory walk to the prize, but a bare knuckle fight with 2 races remaining.

So why are none of the big media outlets discussing this "other" scenario. Could it be they know something we don't??!... The sheer possibility of witnessing the crowning of a new Formula1 champion is a compelling story to draw out fans. So the most bankable storyline will always win out.

Barring another poor start, or an engine snafu, etc, we believe Lewis Hamilton will win in Mexico and Rosberg will finish perhaps 2nd or 3rd, depending on how hard Max Verstappen decides to let the new regulations affect his driving.