Saturday, January 28, 2017

2017 24hr of Daytona preview: Prototype Challenge

BAR1 Motorsports 20: They have Gustavo Yacaman, but it's more of a discovery mission for a few of them.

Performance Tech Motorsports: It's a bland lineup. No known name. Which pretty much sums up the last year for this class.

BAR1 Motorsports 26: Johnny Mowlem out of retirement for one last hurrah, or is it to stay?

Starworks Motorsport 8: With Sean Rayhall and Connor Daly in this car. It's a heavy favorite as far as the lineup is concerned. But last minute line up are not the best for endurance racing. There's one little caveat: Conor Daly has a penchant for crashing PC cars. Unfortunately with the nature of the Daytona road course, we can see this happening. So they can win it by 5 laps over everybody or be out at the 23hr mark. Hero to zero.

Starworks Motorsport 8: We can see why Ben Keating is in this car. They can win it, baring an unexpected occurrence. But for Ben Keating he simply has to not be last or next to last to get a podium finish. So nice gamble to ran in 2 cars. But even those are part of the event in racing. But they should have the pace over everyone.