Thursday, June 22, 2017

Risi at Le Mans

During the 5th hour of the Le Mans 24hr Mathieu Vaxiviere swiped the Risi Ferrari into the wall. At the time Pierre Kaffer was in a drag racing duel against an AF Corse GTE Pro 488 Ferrari.  The team TDS racing got a 7 mn stop and go penalty. How did the ACO come up with 7 minutes. Would it have been too much to round it to 10 minutes. So essentially he ended the race for a class podium contender and barely lost 2 laps himself. A trade anyone would take any day.

That TDS car should have sat for at least 10 minutes or more. I would also say the driver should have been excluded but it would have put too much strain on the other 2 drivers since it was only the 5th hour.

Not only Risi was taken out, but if you're state side and your main series is IMSA you have lost a top flight competitor. No GTLM Ferrari at Watkins Glen this weekend. Hopefully that changes in the entrt list but as of now, this is where we stand.

Can't they outfit one of the Scuderia Corsa cars in GTLM updates and show up to the race ?  We even hear their GTLM 488 never left shop and was not the car shunted at Le Mans. Come on Giseppe give us something.

Still dreaming of F1 or a sportscar factory drive Mathieu ?  Well it won't happen this way. You have a lot of making up to do in your next few races...whoever you race for and wherever you race.