Saturday, July 15, 2017

F1 Live in London notes

Missing Hamilton

Lewis was repeatedly questioned about not being at the F1 Live in London fan event during the Silverstone drivers' press conference. The press had it out for him to let him know they were not at all happy. They were speaking on behalf of the fans. They had a point. Lewis is a tireless globetrotter. It's almost a let down to not show up for an event that benefits his career industry. His facebook account has documented his many escapades. Sometimes it seems he even parties less than a day before a race weekend, and is still able to hoist the winner's trophy on Sunday. Being the ultimate showman this was a golden opportunity to once again showcase his "brand" to a public that was going to cheer him on more than any other driver there.

What the reporters and no one else didn't realize is that the appearance of all the other drivers made the event mundane for Lewis. There was no excitement for him to be there. His persona is built on being different, exclusive, and controversial. He thrives in such circumstances. Skipping the event made him an even more valued commodity. 

Unless it's a competitive event, he doesn't just want to be one of many, where his run in Trafalgar Square would have been compared to that of other drivers. When it's a fan event where people's personal judgements are involved, he wants no contest, he wants to be the clear favorite.

The only way to make up for not showing up is to win the British Grand Prix. Preferably in convincing fashion.

Ricciardo on Bottas

During the driver's Thursday press conference Daniel Ricciardo said Bottas did not represent his country well. Since Riciardo's run was no contest the best and the bravest, with well placed doughnuts and burnouts, he was probably expecting Valtteri to be drifting the car around the streets as if rallying. It would have been eye catching to drift one of those F1 monsters on a city street, but required supreme car control with flawless execution.

The rivalry is real

When all the drivers had gathered on stage and Bottas came out with the mother of all champagne bottles and began to spray it on the crowd, he turned to spray it on the drivers and Kimi Raikkonen was the only driver to run away from the stage to avoid the spray. It seems like an innocent enough reaction, but it's not. Similar to how Lewis Hamilton ducked out from the champage shower during Nico Rosberg's championship celebration with the team. Kimi wants nothing to do with Bottas. As far as Kimi, they're simply racing rivals no countrymen brotherhood to celebrate.

F1 two seater

It was actually refreshing to see Formula1 roll out with their own two seater. A two seater has been a staple showcase for years in Indycar. Imitation is flattery. But a few improvements are in order: it looks cramped even though Naomi Campbell somehow managed to fit in the Silverstone winner's trophy. Also, they should make the two seater stall proof. It doesn't have to be operated like an F1 car. It just has to feel, look, and accelerate somewhat close to one.  It didn't look good when Jensen Button a former champion stalled the showcase piece with a VIP guest in tow.